About Our Partners

Working with the Town’s leadership and expert partners who have created meaningful spaces in existing communities, we are developing a new plan for Downtown Westfield. One Westfield Place will help the town thrive economically and culturally, while preserving its rich history.

HBC | Streetworks Development

One Westfield Place

Town of Westfield


One Westfield Place is an innovative partnership between HBC | Streetworks Development and the Town of Westfield that brings together comprehensive public planning and best-in-class private-sector expertise. Together, we can make our award-winning town’s future even brighter.


Founded in 1670, HBC is North America’s longest continually operating company and is headquartered in New York and Toronto


Streetworks Development is the real estate division of the iconic HBC with a 40-year proven track record in mixed-use projects in North America

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An award-winning architecture and planning firm committed to the design and rejuvenation of communities through a vibrant mixture of uses

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A team of experienced architects and designers creating inspiring, innovative, and sustainable projects that support the health and well-being of both people and the planet

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A placemaking consulting firm that revitalizes urban spaces to create clean, safe, and active environments, fueling economic development